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Made to Measure Marketing is a marketing company set up specifically to help small and medium sized businesses increase sales. It's as simple as that!  Keeping it simple is what we try very hard to do.

We understand the pressures the business owner is under.  Considering the hundreds of matters that arise each day and each week, it is little wonder that marketing initiatives that can directly drive increased sales revenue are often relegated to the “I need to do something about that, if only I could get the time” category of activities.   And often when the time is finally set aside, many business owners don’t really know where to start or lack the expertise to quickly and effectively put in place those activities that can help drive sales.

If this sounds familiar, then here's how we can help.  Our extensive marketing expertise is aimed squarely at small and medium businesses appreciating that budgets are tight and that your time is always at a premium.   As our company name implies, we customise marketing services to fit the particular needs of your business and ensure that the success of activities undertaken can be measured.

Whether your need is for a one-off service or a series of coordinated sales promotion activities, we can quickly assess your situation and tailor-make a solution to fit your requirements and budget. Browse through our website and get in touch.  We're certain it will be time well invested.

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